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Health Benefits Of Broccoli For People With Diabetes:

Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes Health Benefits Of Broccoli For People With Diabetes:Broccoli is known as the “king” of the cruciferous family (cabbage, cauliflower, etc.). It has a large stalk branching out to smaller stems with heads of florets, looking like a miniature tree close-up. Broccoli is packed with nutrients, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. It is also highly valued for its abundance of anti-viral, anti-ulcer and anti-cancer activities so lets take a closer look on why you should incorporate into your diet!

Broccoli And Fiber:

Rich in both forms of dietary fiber, soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber passes through your digestive tract essentially unchanged, but helps keep you regular by adding bulk to your stool, preventing constipation and other digestive problems. Soluble fiber dissolves in liquid in your stomach, forming a gel that can slow digestion for better absorption of nutrients. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet rich in soluble fiber can help lower both your blood cholesterol and blood glucose, reducing your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. High in both types of fiber. A 1/2-cup serving has a total fiber content of 2.4 grams, with soluble and insoluble fiber in equal proportions. The Dietary Guidelines recommend that adult men and women consume about 38 and 25 grams of fiber, respectively, each day.

Broccoli And Cancer Prevention:

Broccoli contains glucoraphanin, which with the body processes into the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane. This compound rids the body H. pylori, a bacterium found to highly increase the risk of gastric cancer. Furthermore, this amazing vegetable contains indole-3-carbinol, a powerful antioxidant compound and anti-carcinogen found to not only hinder the growth of breast, cervical and prostate cancer, but also boosts liver function.

Ok During During Pregnancy?

Fresh broccoli heads are an excellent source of folates; contain about 63 µg/100 g (Provides 16% of RDA). Studies have shown that consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits rich in folates during pre-conception, and pregnancy helps prevent neural tube defects in the offspring.

Broccoli, Good For Your Heart!

Potassium is an electrolyte mineral that plays a major role in muscle building and muscle contractions. It also helps regulate blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, dietary intake of potassium helps reduce the effects of sodium in the body, which can keep blood pressure levels under control. Broccoli, spinach and asparagus all contain potassium, but spinach has the highest content. A 100-gram serving contains approximately 560 milligrams and contains about 315 milligrams and asparagus has Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes Health Benefits Of Broccoli For People With Diabetes:about 200 for the same serving size. The recommended intake of potassium is 4,700
milligrams a day. Have a baked sweet potato with a tuna steak and side spinach salad for a meal packed with potassium.

The key to seeing the benefits is to add more of it to your diet. While it may not be the tastiest vegetable at the market, it will reap benefits that make it more than worth a try. Don’t be scared off by the sulfur smell when you cook it, either. A single serving with a meal or between meals is a great way to boost your diet and your general health.

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