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Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes What Is Propyl GallateThere are a number of reason why I personally avoid fast food, one of which is due to propyl gallate. As a type 1 diabetic, I always make a conservative effort to eating a healthy diet and putting nothing but the best ingredients into my body, here is one reason why.

Manufacturers add propyl gallate to food products, including vegetable oil, mayonnaise, meat, soup, dried milk, spices, candy, snack foods, vitamins and chewing gum. Propyl gallate also is a common additive to pet food. The personal care industry adds propyl gallate to perfume, soaps, lotions and moisturizers, lipstick and other make-up, hair care products, bath products, sunscreen, skin care and toothpaste. In addition, the substance is added to adhesives and lubricants.

Propyl Gallate Health Dangers:

Propyl Gallate can cause allergic reactions in the form of an asthma attack in some people. It can also cause stomach and skin irritation, liver damage, kidney damage and has the potential to increase your chances of having cancer. Animal testing has proven that the likelihood of contracting cancer increased; however, due to the conditions of the study itself, scientists state that it cannot, in any degree of certainty, be stated that propyl gallate causes cancer.

In addition to being an endocrine disrupter based on this latest analysis, the results in a previous study by the National Toxicology Program (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) showed that propyl gallate caused various types of cancer and other health problems in rats, including:

  • Thyroid tumors in male rats
  • Rare brain tumors in low-dose females
  • Prostate inflammation
  • Mostly benign tumors of the preputial gland (glands that produce pheromones)
  • Pancreatic tumors
  • Adrenal gland tumors in low-dose males

Safety Concerns For Using Propyl Gallate:

Examples of foods that can contain propyl gallate include microwaveable popcorn, soup Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes What Is Propyl Gallatemixes, chewing gum, mayonnaise, and frozen meals.

As mentioned earlier, studies on rats have shown that propyl gallate may cause cancer.
Other potential side effect of consuming are stomach and skin irritability, as well as allergic reactions that constrict breathing. Propyl gallate may also cause kidney and liver problems.

Although the FDA considers propyl gallate safe, many other countries have banned its use, or limit use of this ingredient as this does not require a pre-market review or approval process. Since the FDA lists propyl gallate as “generally recognized as safe,” the substance did not require a pre-market review or approval process. Please do your due diligence to protect yourself as well as your children from the dangers of Propyl Gallate!

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