Dangers Of Hand Sanitizer

Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes Dangers Of Hand Sanitizer As most of you already know, I’m a  stay at home dad with 4 little ones, and let me just say that hand sanitizer is a staple in just about every room and vehicle in our household! Not only that, I was always using hand sanitizer to “clean” my hands and body before attaching a new insulin pump, CGM or just for checking my blood sugars.

Watching the news the other night I was shocked about what I was watching and how dangerous hand sanitizer really was and I was so relieved that I switched to a toxic free sanitizer almost two years ago now.  Are you aware of how dangerous hand sanitizer really is?  Lets take a closer look!

Using hand sanitizer(s) is an effective way of keeping germs and other harmful pathogens from affecting the body and causing infections or diseases. There are a number means through which we can sterilize and deter the spread of disease-causing germs. One such popular method is the use of hand sanitizer is designed to destroy the infestation of these harmful pathogens. Owing to the recent outbreak of swine flu, hand sanitizers have gained quite a wide acclaim across the globe. Since most of the sanitizers are alcohol based, they are quite effective in clearing out the germs and keeping a number of infectious diseases away from the body. However, most of the companies vouch that nothing can replace soap and water. Sanitizers are usually used during the unavailability of soap and water, as it is quite handy and can be carried around.

Types Of Personal Hand Sanitizer:

Not all hand sanitizers are created alike. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill more types of germs than most of the other forms on the market. Other active ingredients include triclosan and benzalkonium chloride, but bacteria can develop resistance to these ingredients. In general, alcohol has more reliable disinfectant properties than other antibacterial ingredients. It kills germs by structurally destroying them rather than by poisoning them, a similar effect to that of hand washing.

Additional Uses For Hand Sanitizer:

Here are some additional uses for hand sanitizer. I found some of these rather shocking and is one of the reasons why I personally go with an organic brand of hand sanitizer that is 100% chemical free and toxic free.

Permanent Marker Stains:

  • Another great use for hand sanitizer, especially the 1 oz Hand Sanitizer Bulk is to aid in the removal of permanent marker stains, for example on white boards or clothing. Gently rub the stain with the solution to remove it.

Paint Stains:

  • High-alcohol-content sanitizers can also help to break down pesky paint stains. They can work on just about any surface or fabric, even on paint brushes.

Glue Residue:

  • Hand sanitizers provide a quick way to remove glue and other adhesive residue. For example, a little bit of hand sanitizer can remove sticky labels on glass jars.

Dangers of Hand Sanitizer:Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes Dangers Of Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has its own potential hazards. Accidental poisoning can occur; keep the bottle away from the reach of unsupervised children. When signs indicate that a child may have ingested hand sanitizer, watch for sleepiness and upset stomach–signs of alcohol poisoning and call a poison control center for advice. The high alcohol content also makes this type of sanitizer very flammable, make it appoint to keep it away from open flames and other fire hazard environments.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also warns that hand sanitizer will not work as they should on visibly soiled hands or skin. The alcohol is unable to penetrate dirt, feces, blood and other bodily fluids. You must use soap and water in this situation. This can then be followed with a hand sanitizer, but not as the sole method of killing bacteria and viruses.

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