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Chocolate Crave, Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder Complete Nutritional Shake - 1 lb (456g)


Chocolate Crave, Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder Complete Nutritional Shake - 1 lb (456g) 00001

Why Organic Balanced Meal Vegan Protein Powder?

Well, the answer is simple. Not only are you helping a great cause, helping raise awareness for type 1 diabetes (notice the blue circle on all the containers) but have you seen the ingredient deck, whoa! Hands down Chocolate organic balanced meal is one of the hottest and safest nutritional shakes on the market! Everything is 100% certified USDA organic as well as non-gmo. Organic Balanced Meal contains zero artificial sweeteners, ingredients, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors!

Chocolate Organic Balanced Meal Complete Nutritional Shake offers 12 servings of the absolute perfect blend of todays healthiest, top five plant proteins along with organic fermented sprouts, organic fibers, digestive enzymes and even probiotics making it perfect for the entire family! My children absolutely love it and it’s my son and daughters go to immediately following one of their many sporting events or as a healthy breakfast alternative to get their day started before heading to school and not to mention it's easy on the blood sugars!

Protein With Fermented Foods for Better Digestion & Absorption:

  1. Multi source plant protein blend – is a uniquely formulated blend of Organic Pea, Organic Hemp, Organic Cranberry & Organic Sacha Inchi which together combine for a whopping 22 grams of todays top healthy plant proteins!
  2. Organic Fermented Sprout Blend – provides two nutrient rich powerhouse sprouts (Amaranth and Quinoa) which have given life sustaining nutrition to people for centuries!
  3. Organic Multi-source Fiber Blend – comprised of Organic Brown Acadia and Organic Flax fiber which supply 6 grams of health fiber in each serving!
  4. Lactospore Probiotic – contains highly stable healthy bacteria which aid digestion and help support and boost your immune system!
  5. Digestive Enzyme Blend – A potent combination of active enzymes! Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Papain and Lipase to enhance the absorption of nutrients such as proteins, fibers, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats!
  6. 20 Vitamins and Minerals – provide the essential nutrients that your body needs for optimal health, and to help make Organic Balanced Meal a complete source of nutrition!
  7. 100% Non-GMO and Certified USDA Organic – absolutely NOTHING artificial or fake!
  8. Sugar Free – will not adversely effect your blood sugars!
  9. Smooth & Delicious – tastes amazing, blends easy with zero gritty aftertaste!
  10. Easy to Digest - contains a proprietary blend of enzymes to ensure that even those with sensitive stomachs are able to digest Organic Balanced Meal with ease!

Organic Balanced Meal vegan protein powder is a perfect choice for breakfast, as a meal replacement or snack to keep you satisfied, not to mention it’s perfect for people who are on the go, watching their weight, active with exercise and fitness or just simply looking to help manage their blood sugars with only 8 grams of carb per scoop!

Come experience the difference and grab your vegan protein powder today! Not only are you going to love the way you feel, a portion of all sales generated from the purchase of chocolate crave will be donated to The Faustman Lab to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes!

If your not familiar with Denise and what she is doing to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes, feel free to check out the amazing work that she is doing by clicking here.

Suggested Use: Add one (1) level scoop to 9-12 oz of chilled water or preferred beverage of choice in a blender and mix for about 5 seconds. Drink and enjoy a shake each day. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.


**The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Contact your health care professional before taking any dietary supplements**

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Chocolate Organic Balanced Meal Supplement Facts Supplement Facts Chocolate Crave, Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder Complete Nutritional Shake - 1 lb (456g) USDA Certified 100% Non-GMO Ingredients Chocolate Crave, Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder Complete Nutritional Shake - 1 lb (456g)