What Are the Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts?

Healthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes What Are the Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts?Alfalfa benefits us in so many ways.  These sprouts make a great addition to many delicious dishes and also has much medicinal value and helps prevent and manage a wide variety of illnesses.  They are also known to help one maintain their skin quality, age and overall health very effectively.  Let us now look at what Alfalfa is, how it benefits us, and how they help us prevent or manage certain diseases, so lets take a closer look!

Alfalfa And Digestion:

It’s effective in eliminating digestive problems that include nausea, stomach ulcers, gastritis and indigestion.  Alfalfa can also help improve your appetite.  If you suffer from digestive conditions such as diverticular disease or chronic constipation, sprouts may help to ease some of your symptoms.  A serving of alfalfa sprouts contains roughly one gram of fiber, which is three percent of an average adult’s daily need.  Try including sprouts in your daily diet to improve your digestive regularity.

Sprouts And Cholesterol:

There is convincing evidence that alfalfa lowers cholesterol and improves the cholesterol panel (HDL vs. LDL).  Several studies confirm that alfalfa supplementation reduced blood cholesterol levels, particularly for people suffering from a type of high cholesterol known as type II hyperlipoproteinemia.  Fibers and chemicals in alfalfa stick to cholesterol, so that the cholesterol cannot stay in the blood and hence cannot be deposited on blood vessel walls. Alfalfa also lower bad cholesterol (LDL) while leaving good cholesterol (HDL) alone.

Alfalfa and Arthritis:

People suffering from arthritis get relief from the constant pain by taking alfalfa supplements.  The pain is eased as the alfalfa neutralizes the uric acid  (also check out alkalizing) that is in their  systems.  The trace minerals in alfalfa assists the body in repairing and rebuilding joint tissue.  Alfalfa is also effective in the treatment and management of bursitisHealthy Living With Type 1 Diabetes What Are the Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts? and muscles aches. Because of alfalfa’s benefits, it is an ingredient in many supplemental formulas and can even be purchased as a stand alone capsule.  The leaves can be brewed into a tea, although the taste is somewhat bland it does combines well with other teas.  As a nutritious food, the herb is mild in flavor and works well in salads, soups, casseroles, or more.

Alfalfa Contains Essential Enzymes:

There are 8 enzymes present in alfalfa which are required for food digestion, those include:

  • Lipase – fat splitting
  • Amylase – acts on starches
  • Coagulase – coagulates or clots blood
  • Emulsin – acts on sugar
  • Invertase – converts cane sugar to dextrose
  • Peroxidate – oxidizing effect of the blood
  • Pectinase – forms vegetable jelly
  • Protase – digests proteins

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